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Mission for 2007 Accomplished: Convert an ICE to an EV.

Hi my name is Manny. In March 2007 I picked up a nice '69 VW pan with upgraded disc brakes,shocks and an electric motor already mated to the tranny. I also acquired a '71 pan/'74 SuperBettle ICE based/'79-'80 styled Bradley GT2 (non-electric version with an '88 title.) from eBay. Took pretty much the whole month to get legal (not me, I was born here) with the DMV and CHP. Now the fun begins. Update: EV completed in December 2007

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

EV ( Electric Vehicle ) Conversion 4-14-07

I showed up at the Poway Earth Arbor Day & Clean Car Show today and met up with some of the gang from the EVAoSD (Bill Hammons, President EVAOSD middle). Bob on the right is an actual professional mechanic "Specializing in Electric Vehicle Conversion". I know I'll be calling him. The next photo shows his work on his mini-truck.

I also took some pix of Mr. Q's VW Rabbit,focusing on the vacuum assisted brake system, as I have a couple parts already to build this in my conversion and have no clue how.

The round brake booster is something I have to look up to see if I need it for my car.

I met up with Michael Kadie of SSI Racing Cobra EV fame again while I was there. I'd like to thank everyone who has visited his site from the link in this blog as it gave me some web cred. He was able to track that some of his visitors bailed my site for his.
Also, Joseph S. Gottlieb of was representing with a ZAP Xebra. If I were like the majority of drivers in this country that only drives 25 miles daily, I'd be in one today. Unfortunately my job is 25 freeway miles away just to get there. I can't say enough about how cool Joseph is; and not just because he's offered to help me in any way he can using his resources as an electric car dealer. Anyone who has a chance to hear him speak about EV's in general knows what EV passion is.

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"You don’t have to be a military strategist on the order of Sun Tzu or Carl von Clausewitz to understand: It is a bad idea to fund your enemy’s war effort. But every time we fill the tanks of our cars with gasoline we put money in the pockets of terrorists intent on killing Americans."
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