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Mission for 2007 Accomplished: Convert an ICE to an EV.

Hi my name is Manny. In March 2007 I picked up a nice '69 VW pan with upgraded disc brakes,shocks and an electric motor already mated to the tranny. I also acquired a '71 pan/'74 SuperBettle ICE based/'79-'80 styled Bradley GT2 (non-electric version with an '88 title.) from eBay. Took pretty much the whole month to get legal (not me, I was born here) with the DMV and CHP. Now the fun begins. Update: EV completed in December 2007

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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Electric Vehicle ( EV ) Conversion 4-1-2007

I ran over my mechanic! Had to call 911 to send an ambulance over...

He asked me to flip on the lights while he was pulling off the gas tank from under the car( I still don't know why).
So I pushed the buttons and nothing happened.
I figured the car had to be running so I turned the ignition on and the car sprang forward.
It was still in gear!!!
He sort of screamed, and it gets a bit hazy from here on, there was some profanities thrown around, and blood, so much blood.
Well ,anywho...
April Fools.

Actually except for the 1st and last sentence, it pretty much happened, the emergency brake held luckily.

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Why I'm doing this.

Yeah, I care about the environment as much as the next guy. And yeah, I'm a nerdy geek. But, when it comes down to it, what really made me spend my free time and money on this endeavor, is knowing that: every time I put in any gas in my car, some money (a penny is too much) is going to people that want to KILL our kids.
"You don’t have to be a military strategist on the order of Sun Tzu or Carl von Clausewitz to understand: It is a bad idea to fund your enemy’s war effort. But every time we fill the tanks of our cars with gasoline we put money in the pockets of terrorists intent on killing Americans."
Clifford D. May

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