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Mission for 2007 Accomplished: Convert an ICE to an EV.

Hi my name is Manny. In March 2007 I picked up a nice '69 VW pan with upgraded disc brakes,shocks and an electric motor already mated to the tranny. I also acquired a '71 pan/'74 SuperBettle ICE based/'79-'80 styled Bradley GT2 (non-electric version with an '88 title.) from eBay. Took pretty much the whole month to get legal (not me, I was born here) with the DMV and CHP. Now the fun begins. Update: EV completed in December 2007

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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Electric Car Conversion 3-1-2007

Last night I picked up some EV parts from C.W.. He said he was sorry to part with it, but sometimes life gets in the way of this type of hobby. He needed it all moved before today, and so I agreed to buy it all off him, for $3000.

Here's what I moved to our 2 car garage:
Front and rear battery boxes fabricated.
Center rack under construction.
'69 VW IRS pan no rust - with title
New adjustable height front end
New wheel and axle bearings
New coil-over shocks – front and rear
Honda rack and pinion steering and column
New 4 wheel disk brakes
Stainless steel brake hoses
Vacuum pump for power brakes
New brake line kit
New 17" ADR Bronze "Octane" tuner wheels
New Tuner lugs and nuts
225 R17 Falken tires
New Custom billet wheel adapters
New NetGain WarP 9" DC series motor
New Electroautomotive adapter plate
New clutch and pressure plate
New Lightened flywheel
New Urethane transaxle mounts
New Rear sway bar, urethane mounts
New Urethane bump pads
New short trigger shifter, urethane coupler, quick shift kit
Eaton 250 amp circuit breaker
Electric cabling and lugs
Curtis PB6 pot box
NewFuse block and fuses
Approximately 100 yds of fiberglass cloth
2 Books – Build Your Own Electric Vehicle, Convert it
10' lengths of various angle and square mild steel tube

I had to say no to the following to take $2000 off the $5000 he was asking for.
1 pair new Dynamik racing seats
Curtis 300 watt DC to DC converter
Curtis 1231C Motor Controller
(if he still has this in a couple of months, I may still buy these off him as well).
Here's where I found his ad:
Basically he was local, so I figured, we'd meet and if I got a good vibe, I'd go for it.
Pix of the parts are here:EV Picassa Photo Album

Tomorrow the pre-converted vehicle arrives.
The idea is to use the parts above and convert the following to an Electric Vehicle:
Pix are from the Ebay ad. More pix from previous owner here: BGT2 Picassa Album


Billet Wheel Adapters said...

The conversion was very successful and I would say I am really impressed! It looks so stupendous.

Billet Wheel Adapters said...

It's gonna take a lot of work seeing all those parts needed for conversions. I'll think about it.

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